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Welcome to Kimo's Den Of Iniquity where we learn how to Create More Than We Consume. We are so glad you stumbled upon our little piece of heaven here. We are here to inspire you to drop the cell phone and pick up a paint brush, pencil, charcoal, spatula, tuba, microphone whatever you have handy and make some art. You can email us at

We love to hear from our listeners about what they are currently making and how they are Creating More Than They Consume. Hop on over to our website and see what we have cooking. This podcast is aimed at the person who thinks they don't have what it takes to create a work of art. here we remove barriers and challenge you to try any of the multitude of disciplines in art or create your very own.

In case You Missed it

Nov 20, 2017

Hello friends, so we have put together 5 Episodes, just wanted to make sure you have at your fingertips the first 4 episodes. 

Episode 1   Tim Brien Launch

Episode 2 Nelson Velaquez - Improv Musician

Episode 3 Annessa Ferris - Singing Songwritting

Episode 4 Ashly  - Tattooing

Episode 5 John Demaria - Martial Artist


Catch us every other Saturday and if you want to be partof the Create More Than You Consume Movement email us as

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