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May 5, 2018

Welcome back for Season 2 of KDOI Podcasting. 


This week we tackle a great 2 for 1 project, the book clock. I originally got the idea for this book clock from The Art of manliness Podcast with  Brett McKay. 

This is a great project to start with because of the numerous ways you can personalize it for your loved ones. 

Lets start off with what you will need:

Book, I'd recommend a hard cover about 3 or more inches thick in order to hold the clock works. 

Clock Works pay special attention to the post diameter, the post is the center piece where the hands are attached, get an all in one clockworks that includes the numbers. 

1 AA battery, needed to run the clock

Crazy glue, not Gorilla glue, crazy glue that dries clear

tweezers or needle nose pliers to place the numbers

box knife


Here are the tools you will need


Step 1 measure out where you want the clock and then drill a hole through the front where the post will break through



Step 2 measure out the clock works on the first page, after the hard cover and cut out the pages with your box knife


Step 3 place your numerals for the clock and glue them in place

Step 4 put the post through the hole and place your clock works in the book - make sure you put the battery in first. 

Step 5 attach the hands to the clock and set the time


I did one for my wife and chose a book that had some nice colors on the hard cover


I also grabbed a wooden plaque for my stepson and did the same clock


Lessons learned 

Use crazy glue that dries clear

Use needle nose pliers to place the numerals for the clock, my fat fingers just can't do it right


total time 2 hours total cost 30 bucks at Michaels.





Send in your pictures and your stories about who you made this for and heck come on the show and talk with us about your project at



Create More Than You Consume.